Platinum Toyota Catalist Theft Protection


Do you still own your Prius or Auris Hybrid? You may be a target for thieves!

As widely publicised by national and local media, criminals are targeting vehicle Catalystsfor the value of base materials and the value associated with selling the complete Catalyst.

We have had a few instances recently where customers have had theirs stolen whilst parked in public car parks in particular the Park and Ride in Bath car park resulting in a costly part replacement that they have to use their insurance claim for or to fund at their own expense to the tune of up to and sometimes over £1000.

Toyota have developed a Catalyst Protection device (Catloc) to reduce the risk of Catalyst theft for Prius vehicles from 2004 onwards and for Auris Hybrid models 2010 to when they finished production.

Catalyst Protection (Catloc) Product Details

Unlike universal Catalyst protection products, Toyota GB’s Catloc has been developed and tested to exacting technical standards and is exclusive to Toyota GB.

The device protects both front and rear Catalyst components against opportunist theft, manufactured from marine grade stainless steel for strength and durability, anti-tamper fixings and a unique marking kit (Catloc ISR® Kit) that chemically etches a unique serial number into the Catalysts, which is registered on the International Security Register, Police Approved and Thatcham Accredited.

It is important to note that Catloc’s are designed as a preventative security measure against opportunist theft only, as fitment will not stop a determined criminal from removing the device and Catalyst if they have enough time and the right equipment.

The Catloc is a “one product” solution for models and is in stock and available to order now for an RRP of Between £200 - £259 including VAT, fitting and a 5 year supplier backed warranty.

Prices correct at May 2020

Due to significant investment in Vehicle Sanitising, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and related items for the safety of our Team Members, Customers, Suppliers and Contractors due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the Platinum Group reserves the right to levy a Vehicle Sanitising & PPE charge on any vehicle visiting our workshops.

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